Music: Love and Hate – Mo Eazy ft Johnson -Official Europe single

Readywriterz: My dude Mo Eazy is doing the damn thing. This single is buzzing heavy in the Uk. Once he comes back to the U.S its Mo Eazy & The Ready Writerz in the studio ya digggggggggg. S/O to Eskor Ladder & Rich Lalanne of Eladder Ent. Ready Writerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Photographer: N/A


Fashion: Nu Companie Clothing

WWW. NUCompanie.Com

S/O To My Bro Adam Wolfson CEO of Nucompanie Clothing. Visit


Sexy Lady Of The Day :

Name : Kericka Stagg

Hometown : Houston , Tx

Occupation : Student

Hobbies :  Shopping , Modeling , Studying & Listening to music

Facebook : Kericka Stagg

Ready Writerz Sexiness Meter : 10


Quick Question: Kanye Vs Nicki



These two artist are @ the top of their craft right now. Congratulations to their success. If you’ve already critiqued these two albums. Which album do you prefer out of the two?


Sports: No Smiles In Miami

Ready Writerz: Miami’s 8-7 record is suprising the ish out of me. D-Wade what’s going on dude? The Miami Heat have lost three straight games and at 8-7, they’re easily the biggest disappointment in the league.

Wade get this team together dude. You won a Championship without Lebron & Bosh remember!!!