Sports : The Rock Returns

The Rock has rolled back into World Wrestling Entertainment after almost a decade in the Hollywood hills.

On Monday night’s episode of “WWE Raw,” the 38-year-old wrestling champion and star announced he would be the host of Wrestlemania in its 27th year.

After the lights dimmed on the show’s stage, the crowd went wild as The Rock – real name Dwayne Johnson – walked out and said his signature line, “If you smell what the Rock is cooking!!!”


Sports: Tracy Mcgrady

Well it looks like Tracy Mcgrady will be getting traded to the Chicago Bulls or the New York Knicks. Tracy Mcgrady & Yuo Ming were suppose  to be the Houston Rockets dynamic duo, how Kobe & Shaq were to the Los Angelos Lakers. Due to Mcgrady’s injuries over the past couple of seasons, the question is will he still be able to perform for a different franchise?

Ready Writerz: Personally I think its time to call it quits. Several season ending  injuries have made me come to the conclusion that Tracy is finished!

Sports: Kobe is the man!


Last night, Kobe Bryant, was voted Player of the Decade by millions of fans around the world.  Shaquille O’Neal, Lebron James, Tim Duncan and Steve Nash were all in the runnings but there can only be one winner.

Ready Writerz: Congradulations to Kobe! This dude is really the best player in the NBA since MJ…..

Sports: Evander Holyfield’s Wife Files Protective Order After Claiming He Socked Her In The Face

Evander Holyfield’s wife is claiming that he punched her in the face:


The current wife of former world champion boxer Evander Holyfield has filed for a temporary protective order against him after he allegedly struck her in the face, can exclusively reveal.

Candi Holyfield — Holyfield’s third wife — called the police after the couple got into a fight at their home in Georgia last week.

In the court papers Candi alleges that her famous husband got into a fight with her after she complained that it was too cold in the middle of the night at their massive Georgia mansion on Feb 1 at 4:45 am.

She claimed that the heat was cut off in their mansion and that after taking their children to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she tried to talk to Holyfield about the house being too cold.

“He told me I was only thinking about myself, the children’s hearts beat faster,” she wrote in the restraining order.

The deeply religious boxer accused her of being disrespectful when she pulled the covers over her head and he said that she needed to “start putting God first” in her life.

Holyfield refused to let up, arguing about payments made to their church and asking his wife if she had been tithing. He demanded she show him the check stubs of her payments to the church and after she refused, Candi alleges that Holyfield hit her in the face on the back of the head twice and on her back also.

Candi also claims that Holyfield has hurt her before and that he has been violent in the presence of their children. She wrote in the restraining order request:  “In 2008 he choked me in front of our daughter and house keeper. In 2009 he has hit me in front of the children. He has grabbed me in front of the children. A couple of weeks ago he threw a bottle of water at me.”

A source tells “They got into a fight and Candi called the police complaining that Evander had hit her in the face.

“He then left for the Super Bowl in Miami and now she has filed for a restraining order against him and she wants a divorce.

“She is fed-up with his womanizing and money  troubles — she is working as a nurse and is now in the process of finding a new place to live.

“Candi claims that their fight left her with a black eye and that she is scared to be around him now.

“Evander has not spoken with the police yet and they have a court date for February 18, 2010.”

Ready Writerz Blog– Come on son! This will really be his downfall if its true……….